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Clean Carpet in any 5 Rooms

Need Clean Carpet in any 5 Rooms


$ 195

What’s Included?

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Hire our Pros to deep clean your carpets and make them look like new

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*Final pricing may vary based on pro’s onsite estimate, which you can accept or decline.

Clean Carpet in any 5 Rooms Information

What is included:

  • Pro labor to clean up to 5 rooms (up to 1,250 square feet)
  • Areas include bedrooms, hallways, and closets among other household spaces
  • Moving of light furniture such as chairs, coffee tables & small couches

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Top reasons people book this:

  • Steam clean or shampoo carpeting
  • Remove dirt and soil from carpeting
  • Clean carpeting prior to having guests
  • Carpet stain removal

Carpet Cleaning in McKinney TxWhat is excluded:

Hazardous material removal, mold remediation & blood stain removal

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